The photographs of Andrew Macpherson

The Voice for The Hollywood Reporter ()

It’s a great pleasure and privilege to have my first cover for The Hollywood Reporter in it’s new weekly format.

The Hollywood Reporter is eighty one years old this year, so it’s been around for almost as long as the historic Warner Bros studio complex where The Voice is currently being recorded for NBC, and where these shots were taken. The studio complex was built on open farmland by First National Pictures in 1926, and acquired by the Warners in 1928. The Reporters first issue was printed just two years later in 1930. Never let it be said that there’s no history in Hollywood!

Pulling together both the stars and the executives behind the show was something of a challenge for the team at the Reporter. The shot was done on a broadcast day between rehearsals and live recording, which meant we had just five minutes to do both the cover and the inside shot. Working under such pressure is always exhilarating, especially when you have eight incredibly talented and powerful individuals who all needed to be somewhere else five minutes ago.

Many thanks to Jennifer Laski and Carrie Smith and for this exciting opportunity.

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